Safety Supervisor – Private Estate – Middle East (Ref: LR-3180)

  • Posted 17th August 2023

About this role

Safety Supervisor – Middle East


  • Live in – all expenses paid
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Flight Allowance SAR5,000 PA 
  • 1 month’s vacations PA. 
  • 12-Month renewable contract 

Background, Skills and Abilities:-

  • The position is preferred for females  (Clients’ request)
  • Ideally, you will be educated to degree level in occupational health and safety and will be fully experienced in the ISO-9001 compliance and certification process.
  • The Safety Supervisor must hold a recognized advanced first aid qualification and complete a minimum fitness requirement.
  • Full driving licence.
  • Credible experience in health and safety, including operations experience.
  • A track record of project management.

  • Must have personnel management skills and can also operate as a team player.
  • Able to work under pressure and so it is important that you are someone who can remain cool and calm and support and lead your staff at difficult times.
  • Able to lead a team of people, a Safety Supervisorneeds to have excellent interpersonal and presentational skills and be able to build good working relationships with Estate Heads of Department, external contractors and Owner’s representative team.
  • Able to problem solve, interpret complex issues and motivate others to work to the best of their ability is essential.
  • Able to work with Microsoft Office and other industry standard computer programs.
  • Able to organise and prioritise workload
  • Experienced with overseeing a maintenance team – able to oversee reparation and servicing works, to ensure safe operation and quality of result, by in-house personnel or external contractors.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to work with, provide advice to, train, and promote excellence in Health and Safety to all Estate personnel.
  • Excellent skills in observation, reporting, assessment of problems and proposals for remedial action are fundamental to this position.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English is essential.

General Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Principal duties are to ensure the safety of family, their guests and all members of staff in a private residence, grounds and associated facilities.
  • The Safety Supervisor will take lead in implementing the Safety Policies throughout the Company and Estate and constantly monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the system.
  • Manage a team of up to 5 Safety Officers, schedule their work hours and assign duties to them, in accordance with departmental priorities and policies.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring all personnel are given a safety briefing, orientation and appropriate training as part of their induction upon arrival on site and maintain accurate records of training given.
  • Respond to fire alarms and medical emergencies and manage the crisis in a calm and efficient manner, whether firefighting, first aid or evacuation is demanded.
  • The Safety Supervisor will develop a program of inspections and checklists with the support of the Safety Officers to ensure that all fixed and portable firefighting equipment and life-saving appliances are in good operational condition and serviced in accordance with international legislation and manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • The Safety Supervisor also acts as an assistant to the Senior Technicians, 2IC and Chief Technical Officer and provides support to Hill Robinson Estates on-site personnel with respect to maintenance issues associated with safety equipment and overseeing all operations by external contractors, paying particular attention to quality of work and applicable Health & Safety Legislation
  • The Safety Supervisor coordinates with the Safety Officers and Senior Estate personnel for the continued monitoring and inspection of firefighting equipment, life-saving appliances and first aid equipment. Keeping contents of first aid kits updated and ensuring all safety equipment is fully operational at all times is essential.
  • The Safety Supervisor must take the lead in implementing applicable parts of the Estate’s Operations Manual and regularly conduct document reviews and risk assessments to ensure all safety-related paperwork and emergency response planning is up to date.
  • Conduct onsite training and employee induction to ensure that all personnel are familiar with their responsibilities and fully aware of the safety systems, routines and procedures.
  • The Safety Supervisor will review all document returns of a safety nature (Safety Officer reports and accident/incident accounts).
  • Acknowledge Incident reports from all departments and assist/follow up to close out.
  • The Safety Supervisor will organise, manage and form part of the emergency response team during an emergency.
  • Train Safety Officers to manage emergency situations, including fire, accident and injury.
  • First response for fire alarms
  • Emergency first aid response to accidents and personal injury
  • Manage an evacuation
  • Carry out routine inspections of the swimming pools and water features to ensure all safety-related equipment is in a good state of repair and complies with manufacturers and legislative servicing schedules.
  • Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times and maintain a good level of communication and a high standard of service for Estate Heads of Department and the Estate Owner’s representatives and personnel.
  • Implement and comply with the Company’s Health and Safety Policy and recognized good working practices. Ensure that all personnel working in an area under your jurisdiction are fully trained, equipped and compliant.
  • Assist the management and other Hill Robinson Estates personnel in such other matters as may be reasonably required.

** Please read the full job description carefully and ensure you meet all the criteria listed before applying. A Crew Consultant will be in touch via email/phone should you meet the client’s requirements. **

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